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Multisensory master class for future residents of INTERGAL CITY

Multisensory master class for future residents of INTERGAL CITY

Recently, MFC INTERGAL CITY organized an event for its future residents - a multi-sensory master class on making scented candles for the home with their own hands.

The event took place in the Ol.factory space and consisted of several parts. The first is a lecture that revealed the influence of aromas on human emotions and mood. Speaker Khrystyna Kurhanska, founder and head of Ol.factory, shared interesting and useful information with the audience. The second part was practical. Guests of the master class were able to create their own scented candle for the home with the scent of "Comfort". The third part was informal, with a glass of champagne guests talked to each other in a friendly atmosphere.

The purpose of the event is to give future neighbors the opportunity to get to know each other and get a dose of festive mood and inspiration for the successful completion of 2021.

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