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MAN OF THE YEAR - 2018. Interview with Anna Laevskaya, «Intergal-Bud»

MAN OF THE YEAR - 2018. Interview with Anna Laevskaya, «Intergal-Bud»

On February 1, 2019, in the press center "Today", an interview was conducted with Anna Lajska, Commercial Director of Intergal-Bud. Residential complex "INTERGAL CITY" from the developer company "Intergal-Bud" became the laureate of the XXIII national award "Man of the Year - 2018". Nomination - "Residential complex of the year".


Intergal-Bud company

During 16 years more than 70 projects with total area of ​​more than 2.9 million square meters were designed and built. Achievements of the company allow us to confidently hold the leading positions in the construction market and take the first place among non-state developers. Today, comfortable and modern residential projects are being implemented in Kiev, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Odessa. The success of Intergal-Bud is the constant desire to meet the high demands of the modern real estate market. Holding a hand on the pulse of change, the company focuses on the development of promising projects and is open to cooperation with buyers.


The multi-functional residential complex will take a worthy place in the heart of the capital, on Pechersk, on the street. Staronavoditskaya Unique city of the future - the newest complex of business class - will be one in a row with world examples of architecture. Due to the ambitious plastic facades, it enriches the city landscape and becomes a pearl among the residential complexes of the capital. Modern Kyiv deserves fundamental innovations, as it becomes a part of the global world.

- What do you think, why INTERGAL CITY LCD became the nominee in the "Person of the Year" prize?

- INTERGAL CITY LCD became the winner of this award, as well as technically and architecturally it is a very complicated and interesting project, and it is in line with examples of world architecture. A complex that was not just created from scratch is a complex task that our architects have solved. It consisted in planning how to reorganize the existing office unfinished, give it a new life and turn it into a complex of three components: housing, shopping and office centers. Our architects successfully coped with the task, inventing a complex with interesting futuristic façades, a well-thought-out adjoining territory, a system of multi-level terraces for rest so that everyone and the visitor to the shopping and office premises had their own resting place, planned to fill with entertaining facilities, educational infrastructure for children and residents, cafes, restaurants, various coworkings and other objects that allow you to live, work, and buy interesting goods for yourself. territory of another object. That is why the residential complex deserves a reward. In addition, last year he already received the EPA Award as "The Best Multifunctional Project of the Year."

- What other awards are in the company?

- In the company "Intergal-Bud" a huge number of awards - both national awards, and international. Our company has repeatedly won the "Brand of the Year" and "Industry Leader" awards. Last year we received the main prize in the construction market IBuild - 2018 - "Best developer of the year" on the indicators of reliability of the company and the volume of construction. In addition, as I already mentioned, the EPA Award was awarded, there were three sets of "INTERGAL CITY", "Malakhit" and "Lake Garne Gatna" as the best in their categories. Another company "Intergal-Bud" has repeatedly won the rating of customer confidence as a reliable company with the highest rates of construction and fulfillment of obligations to its customers.

- What is the most significant achievement?

- The most significant achievement for our company is that more than 15 thousand families are the owners of the housing that we built. This is the main proof of success, the quality of our work and the confidence of our customers.

- Tell us about the company "Intergal-Bud". How did it all begin and how long have you been in the market?

- The company has been working in the Ukrainian market for more than 16 years. The construction of small- and medium-rise LCDs began in Lviv. At the end of 2007 the company entered the real estate market of Kiev. This was the moment when most Kyiv developers were in financial difficulties, as there was a crisis, a lot of objects were frozen, and at that moment, the company, which had a financial resource, and several purchased land in Kyiv, went with its unique Kiev offering apartments with turnkey repairs from the developer, began to rapidly build our first complex on Voskresenka, showing that we can build quickly and qualitatively. We made a showroom in an unfinished house where you could see ready-made apartments with different decorations that the buyer could choose. This option was greatly appreciated by our buyers, and we have attracted our attention. This provided a high demand for apartments in our complexes. After that, the second complex was built by the LCD «Jasry», there were several objects in the center of Kiev, office and shopping centers, for example, we built the shopping center «Leroy Merlin». And today, having passed this path of development, we are the company with the most regional coverage, since Intergal-Bud builds both in Kiev, in the western region, and in Odessa. Our volume of construction is 1.1 million meters of residential real estate at the same time. During the years of the company's work, more than 70 projects with a total area of ​​2.9 million square meters were built. m. Only in Kiev, we have already built more than 50 residential buildings, all of which are put into operation, buyers have received documents for their apartments and happy to live in their home.

- Decode in more detail the wording "housing on a turnkey basis"?

- This idea was implemented by our company in the construction market. It consists in the fact that the apartment is completely decorated at the expense of the developer, using the selected variants of typical processing, as a rule, we have one option for each of the risers, that is, if the house has four options for one-bedroom apartments, then there are four different color solutions for these apartments. This option included: laminate flooring, wallpaper for painting, decoration of bathrooms with ceramic tiles, equipment with all the necessary plumbing and a kitchen set with a stove, a hood and the necessary minimum set of techniques for the person to quickly call in and live in the apartment. For many buyers, this solution was interesting because the price several times different from the cost of repairs on its own, it is much cheaper and faster, because the developer himself controls the performance of repair work in the apartment, furniture delivery and gives a guarantee in one year on the work performed, that is The buyer does not leave one on one with repair. Already more than 50% of apartments in our complexes are sold with decoration. We improved this solution, made a new kitchen with built-in appliances, a fridge. This is very convenient for families who want to move quickly and live in an apartment, and for those who buy apartments for rent. The repairs in our apartments are already practically ready by the time the house is put into operation. Additional bonus is a clean entrance, no repair noise.

- In Kiev, there is still enough land for construction. How do you develop a portfolio as a developer?

- There are not many land plots in the central part of Kiev or sleeping areas for building, but there is a large stock of land located in industrial zones, warehousing areas - they are not currently used for their intended purpose, since the placement of these objects in the city not appropriate And they can be reformatted into multifunctional or residential complexes. One of the most striking examples of this is the LCD «Nyvky Park», which is being built on the territory of 10 hectares of the former plant. At the time of the acquisition of this site, warehouses were destroyed on it, some of them leased out, no production. We introduced the concept of a cascading 16-storey residential complex, with closed courtyards for pedestrians, kindergartens, parking lots, etc. In addition, there is a stock for promising projects at the expense of emergency buildings in Kiev and may soon start a program for the eviction of old housing and reconstruction of residential areas. This bill is being developed. For developers, this program is interesting because many of the old housing is located near metro stations, green areas and existing infrastructure, in addition, with a small number of apartments within the interior occupy a large area. For comparison, 4-5 buildings of "Khrushchev" - this is half the modern high-rise for 200 apartments. By carrying out the demolition of such houses, it is possible to liberate large areas, build new houses, provide a good adjoining territory and this will be an effective use of space. I'm not saying that old buildings are not energy efficient, they are faced with a problem of worn-out communications, with high utility bills.

- Do you have joint projects with foreign construction companies? What do you think, what are the pros and cons of such cooperation for a domestic builder?

- To date, the company has no partnership with foreign companies, although I do not rule out that such a partnership will arise in the future, as we consider construction options not only in Ukraine but also abroad. From the experience of communicating with players in the Ukrainian market with foreign partners, I can say that this experience is useful in terms of the approach of foreign companies to architecture, designing, there is really something to learn abroad, therefore, on international trips, company employees always pay attention to novelties in the residential complexes they visit.

- What do you think is now more profitable to invest in buying a home in Kiev or in the suburbs of the capital?

- I can say that this choice depends on the purpose of investing. To date, pricing policies of the suburbs and sleeping areas have practically equaled the price. If the buyer is looking for a comfortable home for a family with a child, then very often the choice in favor of the suburbs is due to the fact that there is a lower density of construction and storey, more home territory, and at the same time in terms of transport accessibility, then from the suburbs to get to the center does not take much time. But if the apartment is bought with the subsequent purpose of its sale or lease, then in this regard, the city is more interesting. By the way, we have the complex "Lake Guy Gatneau", which is being built in the suburbs. This is a plot of 50 hectares, with its lakes and the territory being equipped by the company. This complex at its price corresponds to some objects in Kiev. But its obvious advantages are low altitude, swan lakes, own beach, school, shopping mall. In this complex there is a larger accommodation, a protected area is protected.

- Tell us about the next planned projects of your company.

- This year, the company plans to start selling 8 new residential complexes, some of them will be located in the sleeping areas of the capital, and some in the center of Kiev. In February, the sale of "INTERGAL CITY" objects will begin, and sales and construction of two objects in Goloseevsky district of the capital, on Tatarka, etc. will also be planned. These are comfortable and business-class complexes, with improved facades and planning solutions, high-quality interior filling and infrastructure. On their territory there is provided parking, and kindergartens, and unique landscaping with landscaping. There are shops, beauty salons, so residents receive services without leaving far from home.

- Tell us more about LCD «INTERGAL CITY» - infrastructure, technologies, loyalty programs, etc.

- INTERGAL CITY LCD is today one of the most technically complex projects of the company. It took us more than six months to approve the concept of this object, because architects had the task of analyzing the existing structures on the site and offering our company a compromise between the high style, the comfort of living and functioning and the desirable technical and economic parameters so that we did not create any analogue of the Chinese wall. As a result, architects have developed a non-standard solution - oval-shaped buildings with a futuristic facade, with the use of expensive materials, in addition, due to the small adjoining area, the concept of multi-level exploited roofs and terraces was invented. In this complex, the residents will have their own separate terrace, which will be located children's and sports grounds, landscaping, lounge area, cafe, confectionery. For office space there will be several terraces with restaurants and walking areas. In addition, there will be an observation deck, which will be available for residents and for external visitors. In addition, much attention was paid to the transport and pedestrian scheme of the object, so as not to cross the streams of different visitors. It was quite difficult, because in such complexes it is usually difficult to provide comfort to the inhabitants. The office part of this project is about 30 thousand square meters. It is a building in which the shopping center will be located. In the residential section there are shops, beauty salons on the ground floor. There will be a fitness room with a large swimming pool for adults and infants, a center for child development, outdoor sports areas are planned. In addition, we will plant the adjoining territory and implement an additional transport network to the complex.

- Tell us about the social responsibility of your business. Who do you help? Whom do you support?

- From the point of view of company management, the social responsibility of business begins, first of all, from employees who have comfortable working conditions, decent pay. Moreover, if we consider our office building, in which the company is located, it is equipped with its own dining room, where you can dine for a symbolic fee. We have our own football team sponsored by the company. In addition, the company always provides support to its employees in different life situations, cares about their health. We still feel our responsibility to our buyers, and we are the only company that writes out social guarantees and terms of its assistance to buyers in the contract. Each our buyer who buys an apartment in installment can be sure that if one of the breadwinners in the family loses capacity or sharply worsens the financial position, we will fix the contract that we undertake to review, improve terms of installment, make a discount on the balance of unpaid money. We also try not to violate the interests of residents in the areas in which the company builds facilities. Last year, in partnership with the VDNG park, we arranged 5 hectares of forest park area, set up an avenue of fairy tales, a decorative garden of stones, and made sports grounds. This area is accessible to all. In 2019, the reconstruction of some parks is planned at the expense of our company, because we believe that it is important not only to create beauty in the territory of its objects, but also to participate in the life of the neighborhood, to help with the repair sites neighboring houses, to clean the reservoirs.

- When in Ukraine there will be bank financing of the population, a mortgage, in order that the middle class could afford to buy housing business class?

- Today, representatives of the middle class can afford to purchase housing business class at the expense of installments from the developer, since in 2008, the program of credit in our country almost curtailed. Our company went far beyond this issue, as we until recently offered a program of installment up to 8-10 years with a minimum initial down payment of 10%. But since last year, banks that have a stock of working capital, appealed to developers with the initiative to develop partner programs that would allow the attraction of bank funds so that buyers could at 20-30 years to take a loan and buy an apartment from the developer. Our company has entered into a series of agreements with banks, which provide mortgage loans at an interest rate of 5% per annum. The figures are already impressive, in 2017, our company sold 3 apartments with mortgage lending, and in 2018 - more than 50. In general, this is a modest sales, but there is a steady increase. In 2019, we predict that this growth will continue, for such programs are now running many large developers.

- What can you wish for users who are just planning to buy a home?

- When choosing an apartment in a new building, I recommend paying attention to the qualitative parameters of this home, the reputation of the developer, which will guarantee that you will get your apartment in time. In the company "Intergal-Bud" today there is no overdue or unfinished object. In addition, our construction is different in terms of construction, 3-4 floors per month is visible to the naked eye. It is very important when choosing to visit construction and to observe the dynamics of construction, whether you give the developer a guarantee of quality and terms that you get beyond your meters and what is your responsibility before you. In our case, the buyer always has the right to claim in the event that the apartment does not correspond to the showroom. Also pay attention to what resources the company builds. It is important that the developer build new objects regardless of sales. Unfortunately, there are still developers on the market who build on the principle of pyramids.

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