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Intergal-Bud Heads the Ranking of Innovative Construction Companies

Intergal-Bud Heads the Ranking of Innovative Construction Companies

The Business Magazine has made an independent rating of companies that use innovative technologies in various fields of business. Intergal-Bud heads the ranking of 50 innovative real estate construction companies.

Independent experts and journalists highly appreciated the achievements of the company and the neofuturism applied in the design of RC Intergal City.

“For us, as for a large modern construction company, constant development and implementation of innovative solutions is a top priority. This allows the company to hold leading positions in the Ukrainian market for several years and to be interesting for customers,” - said Anna Laievska, Commercial Director of Intergal-Bud.

RC Intergal City Business Class is in the TOP 10 innovation complexes.

Among the innovative solutions, the editors and experts noted the futuristic design, multifunctionality and interior design solutions. Intergal City has already been highly praised by an independent international jury and won the European Property Awards 2018.

The non-commercial rating of the Business Magazine was based on the data from public sources, official websites and real estate market experts.

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