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Security and energy efficiency. Intergal-Bud implements smart home system

Security and energy efficiency. Intergal-Bud implements smart home system

A leader among private developers, Intergal-Bud and Europe's leading wireless security systems developer Ajax Systems have signed a memorandum of cooperation for the first time on the market.

Sky Avenue, INTERGAL CITY, Holosiivskyi and City Hub are the first residential complexes in which each owner, along with the keys to the apartment, will receive a high level of security and energy-efficient solutions from the market leader.

What is Ajax Security? Professional smart home smart home security system that protects your home from thieves, fires and flooding and saves your family budget on savings on heating bills.
Нow is everything in practice? Each of the tenants, along with the keys to the apartment, will receive, for free, a set of Ajax StarterKit devices, which includes the Hub, MotionProtect motion sensor, DoorProtect opening sensor and SpaceControl control key. With a convenient mobile app, the owner will be able to control the security system from anywhere in the world. The app allows you to see event history, grant different permissions to users, set security schedules, and more.
Ajax is capable of countering threats on its own. By adjusting the LeaksProtect Leakage Sensor overlap scenario, homeowners will be able to secure not only their property but also their neighbors.
And that's not all! Currently under development is a system that will be responsible for thermo regulation in the apartment. That is, the owner will be able to remotely adjust the microclimate of each room, creating a comfortable temperature and save on heating. It is planned that the option will be available at the stage of commissioning.

Importantly! Subsequently, Ajax will be integrated into the mobile app for owners of Intergal-Bud apartment complexes. It is in the final stages of development and will be implemented in the first half of this year. The company made sure that the residents were immediately given a whole set of opportunities from the developer, which would include a security and energy saving system.

Why choose Ajax for collaboration? We work with the best! Ajax's security system has already been trusted by over 400,000 users in 93 countries. The entire line of 27 Ajax devices is designed and manufactured in Kiev. The system has prestigious European awards, a Grade-2 Certificate of Degree of Reliability (ie, devices ready to withstand experienced intruders with special equipment), as well as recognized by reputable industry professionals.

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