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Monolithic frame construction technology

Monolithic frame technology ensures structural solidity and durability of the building as well as its rapid erection rate. It provides a number of possibilities for space planning by increasing the distance of load-bearing structures. In addition, due to the slotless construction of walls and greater depth of the rooms, heating costs will be 20-30% lower compared to panel buildings.

Suspended ventilated facades with reinforced thermal insulation, exterior walls - red brick with insulation

The design of the ventilated facades provides for some airspace between the insulation layer and the facade panels, which creates a constant movement of air. This prevents formation of condensate and moisture in the insulation layer and increases the thermal insulation of the exterior walls. The facade, protected by the suspended system, keeps the heat better in winter and protects the building from rapid heating in the summer.

Red brick is an eco-friendly, durable and reliable building material with a high level of thermal and noise insulation. Walls insulation with mineral wool keeps the room temperature stable, regardless of weather conditions."

Unique panoramic glazing with aluminum profile

Panoramic glazing guarantees excellent views and maximum light transmission. Aluminum profile windows are durable and reliable and can stand different weather conditions. Aluminum is not responsive to external influences and does not emit any harmful substances, and therefore it is absolutely safe. 

Energy-saving technologies and materials


1. Improved thermal insulation of the external screened facade and use of high-efficiency thermal insulation material;

2. Ventilation with automatic control;

3. Hot water is heated directly at the apartment heating station. The heat source of the complex is autonomous gas-fired roof-top boilers;

4. The LED lighting in the yard will be powered by photovoltaic panels. The stairs and corridors will be equipped with LED lights with motion and light sensors.

Entrance doors to the apartments - metal, shockproof, fireproof, with MDF cover plates

A special design has been developed for each door model group. They differ with the frame, the door leaf, the number of ribbed stiffeners, the door filling, the door seal, the door lock group and additional options. The door frame is a welded structure consisting of profile tubes or solid profile. The space inside the door leaf is filled with mineral wool, which provides thermal insulation and has sound insulation properties. The seal contours are attached to the door leaf, which ensures complete air-tightness of the door and protects the room from dust, draft, foreign odors and noise. The construction includes door hinges to mount the door leaf to the door frame and the anti-theft system. MDF cover plates are attached to the door leaf.

Cold and hot water meters

Modern energy efficient cold and hot water meters will be installed in each apartment.

Heat meters and multi-zone electricity meters

The multi-zone electric meter is a modern electronic device that can meter electricity in one, two or three tariff zones. It can be parameterized, after which it will be able to "remember" how much electricity was consumed over a period.

Smart house

Smart home system is a set of elements that unites all the electrical appliances of your home into a so-called brain center so that you can control all the systems as a whole. The following basic systems will be installed in the buildings:
- access control;
- a network of smart door intercoms;
- external video surveillance;
- elaborate cable system;
- electricity consumption metering;
- fire safety system.

Access control, security and video surveillance system

The territory of the complex will be closed with round the clock security and electronic systems of access to the building

High-speed elevators

The innovative technologies of the new elevators combine comfort, style and reliable performance, giving the  passengers a sense of comfort in using them.

Construction technologies